"Clyde is extremely professional, respectful, and skilled at his trade. He was able to make a good read on my strengths and used this to find a new opportunity for me that I wouldn't have found otherwise. He was patient and positive throughout the process. I look forward to working with Clyde again and would highly recommend him to anyone." July 22, 2009 Ben Booth

"Over the years, I have worked with many recruiters and placement professionals. Your professionalism, patience, and excellence put you in a class above all others that I have worked with."

"Your feedback, suggestions, and coaching have been invaluable. You have also demonstrated a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, Artificial Intelligence and Rule-Based Programming, as well as the people in the field."

"I was not looking for a new job when contacted me. I had a good job, but I did feel that things were not what they could be. Their consultant started by getting to know me and the kinds of technical things which interest me. He wanted to know what my "dream job" was so that he could go look for it. It was only during the process of doing some investigation that technical interests of mine, which had gone by the wayside, resurfaced. Talking to him and participating in a couple of job interviews sharpened my focus. I have now accepted a position at a company that provides the type of opportunity for which I was not looking until came along. They are a great search partner and I recommend him to anyone that knows, suspects, or is just curious about what could be."

"I have worked successfully with Dave Staats for around fifteen years. His professionalism is impeccable, and the quality of his placements is something that I have learned to count on. It may sound cliche, but Dave is a partner, not just a recruiter."

"Dave asked all the right questions and worked very quickly and diligently on my behalf. He laid the groundwork for a successful conversation with the company and there was an offer the same day I had the interview. Dave is at the top of his game and I would recommend him to anyone I have worked with."

"Over more than a decade, I have worked with Dave Staats at and two other companies. During that time, he has identified, sourced and delivered several teams of quality employees for my direct hire. Working with complex, varied, and challenging requirements for these technical positions, he has consistently delivered the best talent available while remaining mindful of cost constraints, lifestyle requirements and cultural fit. Dave works easily as an extension of my company -- sometimes to the extent that the candidates do not realize he is a vendor! His consistent and thorough work demonstrates that he values the long-term business relationship rather than only filling a current position."

"I have worked with recruiters on contingency and retained searches for over 20 years. Dave Staats has been a pleasure to work with, ethical, and effective. I would recommend him without reservation. Dave makes the effort to understand our requirements and to send me as few candidates as possible until the right one is hired. He frequently wins our business because he is so fast to locate candidates. On a recent search he found a multi-lingual (German and English) candidate that had the right experience and lived a few kilometers from our UK office. This was the second candidate he sent over, and after only two weeks of searching."

"I simply wanted to put down on paper my thanks for the job you have done in facilitating the acquisition of my new position. I very much appreciate the interactions I have had with you and I am continually impressed by your high standards of professional behavior. This started out as a fairly negative situation based on the lack of response from the company representative. The determination you showed and the dedication to working this out in such a difficult environment makes you deserving of the highest professional kudos. When working with you I received nothing but prompt responses, honest opinions and a well-placed reality check when necessary. This is even more impressive to me when combined with the fact that we have never met face to face. I would give you the highest recommendation to any and all of my peers. In fact, I already have. Good luck with all things professional and personal."

"I have the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. David Staats and as both a candidate seeking employment and as a hiring manager seeking qualified star talent. As a candidate, I was only sent in to interview where there was a solid match of my background, interests and skills to the position presented to me. He provided good intellignece on the company, the hiring manager and properly set expectations on both sides of the interview. As a hiring manager, I was always presented with a solid array of talent to select from and Dave always provided proper background and positioning of each candidate and adeptly coordinated all scheduled interviews and ensured that candidates knew where they were to meet, who they would meet and that they were properly prepared. As long as I remain in the workforce in some capacity I expect to always take full advantage of Dave's network and suspect little need to go elsewhere for any form of recruiting services."

"Having never used a recruiting firm to hire rule developers, I engaged the services of Dave Staats at early this year. Given the very narrow band of employees with the talent I was seeking, I did not know what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of candidates I was provided over a very short time period. Not only was there a larger than expected quantity of candidates, the quality was also impressive. I found that Dave was thorough in his screening and was very interested in hearing from me what did and did not work about each candidate. That very quickly narrowed the search and we hired an individual who I am confident will make a positive contribution for years to come."