"From the start I was impressed with Mr. Staats. His process began with reasonable expectations and goals, and he obviously attended to the details in both my qualifications and the direction I wanted my career to take. In what I felt was a rather short time, he helped me secure a position that was a perfect match for both my skill set and my goals. Not only did he find the right job, his advice and coaching throughout the interview process proved invaluable in my interviews. I would sincerely recommend Dave to anyone seeking a professional position. He really has a knack for putting the right person in the right place."
consultants believe that honesty and transparency regarding the candidate's role in the search process yield better results and more respect in the long and the short runs. An example is our support for "no games" salary negotiation on both sides of our process.

This does not always involve delivery of welcome news. With proper setting of expectations on the front end we hope to have candidates and potential candidates find a better understanding of how we work and how the industry as a whole works. This involves explaining some of the apparent contradictions in our method of handling candidates. On the one hand, we encourage people in our market area to send us information and resumes on the other hand we like to explain that in the best of circumstances any headhunter will only place roughly 10% of the candidates we work with. Sometimes we say “Only work with us” other times we say “Contact everyone you know.” This is always about trying to reconcile our interests with yours openly. Another famous sales recruiter once said he tells people “We need to have a common goal, total trust and to care about each other as people” This quote is right in front of every consultant.

We also attempt to treat our candidates as though they will all become clients someday since it happens to us fairly often..

Here is some information about online resume posting we’d primarily like to share with our candidates but also think our clients might value as well.

In 2001 82% of all jobs were filled through networking and people the job-seeker already knows etc.

12% of all jobs were through some kind of fee-based entity like .

Finally, 1.7% of all jobs in the economy were filled by all the job boards combined with 1.2% of those being Monster.

When you post yourself by name, you are trading a 12% chance of being placed for a 1.7% chance of being placed because recruiters cannot (well, some do, but should not) place people off job boards. We find a lot of people who are coincidentally posted but we do not troll places like Monster for candidates.

Our clients want the best people for their jobs. We are not looking for low hanging fruit but we also want to refrain from excluding good candidates because they currently or formerly had released some public information. The unfortunate fact is that most of the time we see that companies who have the job board tools do not use them properly and miss the better candidates that they could hire from them.

will never knowingly introduce a candidate to a client when that candidate has had prior contact with the client unless it is both long ago and fully disclosed at the time of the introduction.

The best way for clients and candidates to co-exist on the issue of job boards is to encourage candidates to list themselves confidentially. That way candidates can still be searched by the client companies via skills and keywords while recruiters then do not have to exclude the good candidates we get referred to simply because their names are or have been public.

It is true that some recruiting firms attempt to rely on job board candidates. It is also true that some potential client companies use the mere existence of a name on a job board to kill a placement even when they knew nothing of the candidate prior to introduction by the recruiting firm. is not that kind of search firm and we hope to avoid working with this kind of potential client. Here, we find ourselves back at the trust factor.

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